Things You Can Do With Your Old Garage Doors

Posted on: 29 May 2017


If you are finally ready to have your old garage doors replaced with newer and better doors, you might want to start thinking about what you can do with the old ones. Sure, there is always the garage. Some contractors will even dispose of them for you. However, you get rid of the old doors, you will want to review the following ways in which you can continue to use them. This way, they will not be going to waste any time soon.

Walls For A Custom Built Dog House

Even if your dog only spends a little bit of time outside, it is important for it to have a place to seek shelter if it is needed or desired. Instead of purchasing a random dog box, you could create your own. Simply measure and cut your wooden garage doors down into the proper size for the walls, floor, and roof of the dog house. If you have a metal garage door, you can use other wood for the floor and walls. Simply use a piece of the metal garage door for the roof of the dog house.

Custom Landscape Signs

Whether your old garage door is made out of wood or metal, you can cut it down into multiple pieces in a variety of sizes. Sand down the edges so no one gets hurt and then give the individual pieces a base coat of paint. Then, you can use stencils to write the phrase. You can also write or draw everything on your sign by free hand, as this will give the signs a much more creative and personal touch. Place some of them around your own landscape or give some away as gifts to friends and family.

Target Practice

If you enjoy playing paintball or simply want to improve your accuracy when throwing a baseball, you can use pieces of the old garage door as targets. Cut them into whatever sizes would work best for you. Then, you can leave them as they are if you just want to practice hitting the target in any spot. When you want to narrow your target, you can paint various circles onto the target. This will allow you to pick out a small target and specifically aim for that one.

With those ideas in mind, it should not be too long before you start coming up with additional ideas for things that you can do with the old garage doors.