How Garage Door Installers Get Things Right The First Time

Posted on: 16 March 2023


Installing a garage door is no easy task. From measuring the space and ordering the right parts to install the door, many pieces must come together for a successful installation.

So, how do experts ensure that they get it right the first time? The short answer is taking their time and doing their due diligence at every step of the process. Here's a quick overview of some of the steps that an experienced garage door installation professional takes to make sure they do their job right. 

Precise Measurements

Before anything else, the garage door installer will take precise measurements of the space in which your new garage door will be installed. This includes measuring both the width and height of your opening, as well as checking for obstructions like light fixtures or overhead beams.

The width and height of the door opening will determine which sizes and types of garage doors are suitable for your space. After all, if the door is too big or too small, it likely won't fit.

With these measurements in hand, the installer can order a custom garage door that fits perfectly in your space — no guesswork involved. They will also check to make sure the opening is level to give your garage door the best chance of a smooth and successful operation.

Checking for Obstructions

Once the installer orders the door and makes sure it fits properly, they'll double-check for any potential obstructions that could prevent proper installation or operation later on. This could include anything from low-hanging branches to power lines or gas pipes nearby — all things you want to avoid when installing heavy-duty equipment like a garage door.

In addition, the installer will also check for any existing things they may need to work around, such as light fixtures or vents that need to be moved or adjusted for the door to fit properly. This important step helps ensure the installation goes smoothly and safely.

Installing Hardware

Next comes installing all necessary hardware, such as tracks, springs, hinges, and cables, onto both sides of your opening before setting up and connecting the motor itself. This part of the job is very important as it ensures that your garage door will operate correctly and safely.

It takes a lot of skill and precision to get all of the hardware properly installed, and this is where a professional garage door installer can really shine. They'll use their experience and expertise to get the job done right, no matter how small and intricate the details are.

They know exactly what type of hardware is required and where it should go. This creates an effective system that operates smoothly and safely every time you press the button on your remote control or wall switch.

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