Turn Your Garage Into an Indoor Playground and Keep the Kids Active Year-Round

Posted on: 25 April 2017


Here is how you can turn that unused garage of yours into an interesting indoor playground that the kids are sure to appreciate whether it's summer or winter:

Replace the Garage Door

The first thing you should do before making any changes inside the garage is replace the garage door with one that features an inset, walk-through door and a couple of windows. This way, the base of the garage door can function as a wall, while you and the kids enter and exit the space without having to go through the house. The windows will enable natural sunlight to brighten the space up throughout the day too. The entire garage door can always be opened up during the summer when it's nice outside and the kids want to play both indoors and out, but it can be kept closed all winter to keep things warm inside so the space can be used even when it's snowing.

Paint the Walls and Floors

Once the new garage door has been installed, it's time to dress the interior walls and floors up to give the space a fresh and lively look. Use colors that will keep your kids in a positive frame of mind and conjure up some excitement when they spend time in the space. Consider painting the walls orange or yellow to evoke enthusiasm and a sense of joy. You can counter the exciting colors by painting the floor blue or green, which will introduce a sense of calm to the space and help keep stress levels low. You should paint the back of your garage door with chalk paint so the kids can use it as a chalkboard when playing inside while the door is closed.

Furnish for Fun and Imagination

Finally, the garage needs to be furnished so the kids can have fun and play like they would if they were outside. Start by installing an indoor swing on the rafter in a corner of the garage and putting a thick rubber mat under it for safety. In another corner, put a small plastic swimming pool full of sand or play balls to create an activity center for them to enjoy. Include a small plastic slide, a sit and spin toy, and other items that the kids can climb on for fun. You should also introduce a small table and chair set into the space for snack time.

With the help of these tips and tricks, you should be able to create an engaging and safe indoor playground for the kids to enjoy all year long. To find garage doors that will suit this play area, check out sites like http://www.aaagaragedoorinc.com/.