Hushing The Racket Of A Noisy Garage Door With A Few Simple Tricks

Posted on: 3 March 2015


That noisy old garage door got you holding your ears every time you hit the button? It is amazing how a whisper quiet entryway can transform into an all out nightmare in just a few short years. If you are having issues with a door that scream, growls, or complains, there is no doubt you are ready to just close it forever and forget the door even exists. Before you grab a drill and screw the door closed permanently, make sure you take a little time to try and assess the situation.

There may be simple solutions to quieting your garage door that you can tackle on your own or by a visit from a garage door repair professional:

Screeching Squeakiness

The high-pitched sound of metal rubbing against metal can be enough to make your ears feel like they are going to pop. If this is a sound you hear when the garage door is being opened or pulled shut, there is a good chance something is askew in the positioning of the door. Even though lubrication can help temporarily, the garage door is designed to move freely without metal scraping against metal. Check to make sure your door is still hanging level and do a quick check of all connections for faults or loose connections.

Grumbling Rumbles

This sort of noise is not usually radiating from the garage door itself, but from the garage door opener. Every garage door is equipped with either a chain or belt drive that rotates on a track to raise and lower the door on command. If you are hearing a lot of rumbles when you hit the remote, this could be a problem with the chain drive system. It could have slipped off track or you may have a broken cog that turns the drive train.

Chattering Rattles

It is no fun to watch your garage door shimmy and shake while it rattles loudly. It can give you the impression that the door parts are just going to start falling off. Thankfully, this is usually a simple problem with a simple solution. Check to make sure the steel tension cables are not damaged and you have no other loose hardware apparent.

Your noisy old garage door may appear to have seen its better days, but before you opt for all-out replacement make sure you at least try and find what may be causing the problem. It is often even worth contacting a professional garage door repairman for help. To learn more, contact a company like Casp Garage Doors with any questions or concerns you have.