3 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Garage Door In Good Shape

Posted on: 3 March 2015


When your garage door is working, it's very easy to forget that there is a sophisticated system at work. Your garage door opens and closes, but only because there are a number of moving parts working to allow that to happen. It is important to do some maintenance tasks so you can keep your garage door functioning well. Here are a few things you can do to keep your garage door in good shape.

Change Worn Weather Seals

Weather seals are the plastic strips that run along the bottom of your garage door to keep water and wind from getting into your garage. As time passes, the seals can become worn and need to be replaced. If you don't do so, you may find that rainwater and snow can enter your garage more easily, as do twigs and other debris that blow in.

Seals usually sit in a track, so they are easy to slide out and into place. If you are not sure what kind of seals you need, head to any home improvement store with a piece of your old weather seal and the measurements of your garage door.

Keep the Door Lubricated

Every now and then, your garage door may start making noise. If everything seems securely fastened, it could be that the door simply needs lubrication. Keep the door hinges and other metal components lubricated so that they can keep moving quietly. However, beware of using any lubrication agents you can find. Take care to only use silicone and lithium sprays, as they will not attract dust to the rollers, chains and other parts of your garage door.

Keep Door Sensors Aligned

Your garage door has sensors that help it detect something underneath it, so it stops before hitting something. The sensors are typically put on either side of the garage door and face each other. If you notice that your door isn't closing completely, it could be that you have accidentally knocked the sensors out of alignment. Simply adjust the sensors until they are aligned, which is usually accomplished when you can see a steady beam of light between the two sensors.

Now that you know some of the tasks that can ensure your garage door stays functional, you can do the tasks on a regular basis. If you need help with these tasks, or notice a problem, consult a garage door repair contractor (such as one from Calgary Overhead Doors LTD ) who can help you keep your garage door working.