2 Signs Your Garage Door's Springs Are Broken And Need Repairing

Posted on: 11 March 2022


Recently, whenever you go to pull into or exit your home's garage, you may have noticed that the door is not moving as smoothly as it should. You may notice that it is jerking as it moves or has started to stall.

If so, one possible explanation for the issues with the door is that the springs are broken. When trying to determine whether the garage door's springs are the culprit and need to be repaired by a professional, look for the signs discussed below.

1.  Your Garage Door Seems Heavier than Usual When You Try to Open or Close It

One sign that the problem with your garage door is caused by malfunctioning springs is when you find that it has gotten a lot heavier than it was in the past. If you try to manually open or close it, you may find that you have to use all of your strength just to get it to budge.

Since the torsion springs are responsible for holding the majority of the door's weight, if even one of them is broken or stretched, it will not be able to support the door. Along with being heavy, you may also notice that one side of the door is lower than the other, indicating that at least one of the springs is affected. 

2.  You Hear a Loud Banging Noise Whenever the Door Is in Motion

Another sign that you should call in a professional to have a look at the springs to see if they need repairing is the presence of a loud banging noise whenever the door is in motion. Normally, as the door moves, the springs will coil up when it is opening and uncoil as it closes. 

However, if one or both of the springs is failing, the coils may start to come apart as they move then spring back into place. When this happens, the loud noise is heard. If your door still works and you are hearing this sound, the springs may be stretched at the moment, but if you do not have them fixed by a professional soon, they may break completely.

If you are having problems lifting the garage door because it has become too heavy or if you start hearing the loud bang of the springs as they struggle to wind and unwind, the springs will most likely need to be repaired or replaced. However, because of the immense amount of torsion held by the springs, you should not attempt to do the job yourself without the experience or tools necessary to work with them. Contact a company in your area that offers garage door spring repair services for assistance.