Garage Door Tension Springs Need Replacing? Why You Should Not Replace Them Yourself

Posted on: 3 May 2017


If your garage is having a problem with the tensions springs it is likely not usable as it would be impossible to raise or lower the door. You may be wondering if you can take care of this problem yourself to save money. You should not, however, and below are three reasons why.

Skill Level and Tools

The first thing you have to consider is your skill level. You likely do not have experience working on difficult repairs of garage doors, including replacing tension springs. If not done correctly, this job can be very dangerous for you.

You also have to consider if you have the right tools and if you know how to use these tools. For example, you need a ladder, sockets that are the right size, wrenches, and winding bars. You may not find some of these tools in a local hardware store, such as the winding bar, and would have to order them.


If you have to purchase tools to do this job then consider how much this will cost you, as many tools can be expensive. You also may not be able to find tension springs in your area and would have to order them. This not only takes time but you would lose money as you would have to pay shipping costs. You may not have available to you high quality tension springs, as some companies will not sell these to the public. The main reason for this is because of the danger of this job. A garage door contractor can likely get these parts at a reduced cost also.

You also may purchase the wrong type of tension springs for your garage door. If you install the wrong type, your door will not work at all, which would result in you having to take them down and replace them again.   


It may take you a lot of time to replace the tension springs, especially if you have never done this before. It may even take an entire weekend, and if not done correctly takes even more time as you would have to start completely over. This is even true if you have a friend to help you if they have no experience doing this type of work.

A garage door professional can replace tension springs very quickly and the price of doing this is likely not as high as you think it would be. This will ensure the job is done correctly so you can start using your garage again.