Choosing The Best Garage Door Opener

Posted on: 21 June 2016


While picking the perfect garage door can be difficult, finding the right opener can be its own event. Here are some tips to find a great garage door opener easily. 

Three Different Systems

There are three systems that are popular for a garage door opener. The most common is called the chain drive. Since the doors are lifted using a heavy chain, this type of opener is great for just about any type of door. The belt drive is popular with those who want a very quiet operation. For instance, if your garage door will be opening right below your master bedroom, you may not want to be able to hear it. A screw drive is a third type of garage door opener that is great for durability. When you aren't sure which to choose, it's helpful to consult your garage door installation team to select the best style. 

Many Horsepowers

The next thing that you'll need to choose is the horsepower of your garage door opener. The 1/2 horse power option is one of the most common, and it's great for most garage doors. You may need a larger 1 horsepower opener if you have a very heavy metal door; ask your garage door repair technician if this option is necessary. There's also the compromise of a 3/4 horsepower engine just to be on the safe side. 

Automatic and Manual Options

Automatic garage door openers are very convenient to have, but sometimes you may need to open the door manually. For instance, power failures or device malfunctions may cause the opener to work incorrectly. Make sure that the opener system you choose has a good way to override the electronic opening function if you need to get in in an emergency. 

Alternate Entry Options

The garage door remote is only one of the possible ways that your system can be operated electronically. You might want to consider options for keyless entry pads. These types of locks can use either a combination code or a fingerprint to grant you access. Some garage door opener systems come with these options already mobilized, while others give you the capability to add these with the help of a locksmith. 


Many garage door openers have some sort of lighting system. The strongest to look for would be a 100 watt bulb or a strong LED bulb, in situations where greater visibility is needed.