Troubleshooting For A Garage Door That Won't Close

Posted on: 15 October 2015


One of the most common garage door malfunctions occurs when a door isn't closing or staying closed. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Knowing why a garage door won't close can sometimes allow homeowners to fix the problem themselves without having to call on the services of a technician.  

The following are five of the most common reasons why a garage door won't close:

Faulty wiring

If problems arise in the wiring of a garage door opener's photo cells, the electrical impulse that tells the garage door to close can fail. This type of problem can occur because the wiring behind photo cells has been accidentally knocked out of position or cut. 

Wiring issues can be complicated and typically require repairs from an experienced technician.  

Obstructions being detected by garage door sensors

Many garage doors have sensors built in that will detect if there is an obstacle that's present in the path of the garage door. If an obstruction is present, the garage door will not be able to close.

The first thing you should do if your garage door is not closing properly is look for any obstructions. Clutter and debris in your garage could be detected by the sensor and prevent the door from closing. Sometimes, a good cleaning will allow your garage door to once again function properly. 

Loosened springs

Many garage door opener systems rely on high tension on the springs to operate properly. Over time, this tension can cause springs to loosen or break. 

The high tension under which garage door springs operate can create hazards. For this reason, homeowners shouldn't attempt to fix a garage door spring problem even if they know that it is the reason why their door is not closing properly. 

Broken cables or jammed pulleys

Depending on what type of garage door opener you have, you may have cables or pulleys worked into your system that allow the door to close. Tangled cables are often the reason why garage doors won't close properly. Pulleys that appear to be rubbing hard up against the track can also cause a jam in the system that prevents the garage door from closing. 

Misalignment problems

A misaligned track is another common reason why a garage door won't close. Alignment problems are especially likely in the cold winter months. Low temperatures can cause the metal that makes up the track to contract and fit irregularly up against other parts of the garage door opener, thus preventing the door from closing. For further assistance, contact a local garage door repair professional.