3 Tips For Turning Your Garage Into A Play Area

Posted on: 8 April 2015


Turning your garage into a play area is an awesome idea, especially if you currently aren't using it for your vehicles. This allows you to add onto your home without having to worry about too much of an extra cost. It is also a large area that can be made safe and fun for your kids, grandkids, or even yourself to play in.

There are certain things that you can do to make your garage conversion into a play room as successful as possible. This article will discuss 3 tips for turning your garage into a play area. 

Finish The Walls And Paint The Room To Make It More Fun

In order to have a complete transformation from garage to play room, you are going to want to completely finish the walls. If your walls currently don't have any insulation in them, then you are going to want to insulate them. Also, if they are insulated, but unfinished, you are going to want to completely finish them. Once the walls are finished, it is now time to paint.

You can keep things mild by painting them white or tan, or you can use bright, fun colors since it is a playroom after all. This will make the garage look more like the inside of your home, and it will make it more warm and comfortable. 

Disconnect All The Garage Door Opening Devices

Since this is going to be an area where children are playing, you are going to want to remove any risk of them opening the garage door. In order to do this, you should disconnect all automatic openers, and remove the spring that opens the garage door from the actual door. This will allow your kids to pull on the garage door as much as they would like, without having it open.

This will keep them safely inside the garage, and remove a lot of your worries. Also, if you have a side exit door on the garage, make sure that you have a bolt for this door that is completely out of small children's reach. 

Cover or Remove The Windows On Your Garage Door

If you currently have a garage door that has windows on it, then you are going to want to have these windows either covered or removed. Covering the windows will likely be the cheapest option, because you can simply cover them with cardboard or paint a black paint over them.

However, if you want more of a professional look, you can hire someone to come in and remove the windows for you. This will stop people from being able to see into the garage when your children are playing, and will help to keep more heat in the garage. To learn more, contact a company like Mike's Garage Doors with any questions you have.